Among Adolescents Prescription Abuse Is Growing

Imagine your teen son or daughter is having a problem with prescriptions. Their grades have dropped and they have cut off communication with family and friends. They are in a state of panic about getting more drugs and you are not sure what to do. Think you’re in the minority? Think again.

More and more high school counselors and teachers, as well as emergency room doctors, are seeing an increasing amount of teenagers addicted to prescription medications. These teens are not just becoming addicted to the opiates or painkiller drugs, but also benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin. As this trend continues to grow, more and more teens are Order Xanax Online at risk of the serious mental and physical side effects of these drugs, including overdose and addiction.

Benzodiazepines Or Buy Xanax Online “Benzos”

These drugs were created as muscle relaxants and to mitigate the symptoms of social anxiety. They are highly addictive and actually lose much of their effectiveness after two to four weeks of use, but at that point a person will have become dependent on them and needs to take more and more to experience the same calming qualities. There have also been cases where a person becomes more aggressive on benzos, but this is uncommon.

Benzo abuse is actually a big problem all across the world. The United Kingdom, for example, requires benzos to be behind tow locked doors with every dosage signed out and accounted for. When it is time to dispose of any number of benzos and other controlled substances, a law enforcement agent has to be on hand to oversee the disposal. These are very serious drugs.

Opiate Painkiller Drugs