An Essential Guide to Real Hair Wigs

Different bases feature different materials – and benefits

If you have already started your research into real hair wigs, you will know that there are a number of different base types which can combine different base materials. Real hair wigs are often made using monofilament bases – which essentially means that hair is individually knotted onto a ultra-fine mesh base so that it can ‘swivel’ and move in any direction – just like natural hair. Wig bases with ‘monofilament tops’ provide a very natural looking scalp appearance. The benefit is lace front wigs human hair that if you are in windy weather or moving around a lot and the hair parts, all that will be revealed is a skin-like ‘scalp’. Wig bases with lace fronts are especially valuable to the wearer who wants an almost invisible hairline – perfect if you prefer to wear your hair swept back or without a fringe.

The real hair in wigs is just as delicate as natural hair

A quality real hair wig will feature hair with the cuticle intact and points or ‘tips’ at the end – just like natural hair. It’s a common mistake that this type of wig is more resilient. If anything, hair should be treated with even more care – if you accidentally pull out a hair when brushing, remember, it can’t be replaced! A useful rule of thumb is to treat real hair wigs just like human skin: avoid exposing to sun for prolonged periods; avoid very wet or windy weather; always use a special shampoo and conditioner and, if possible, only use heated appliances wherever necessary!

“Double drawn” hair offers a more realistic appearance

You might be familiar with the phrase ‘double drawn’ hair. This usually applies to the more premium wigs. It means that the hair is drawn through two micro-fine pieces of mesh so that there is no visible knot or join. The benefit of ‘double drawn’ hair is that wearers can lead a very active, outdoors life without anyone ever realising you’re wearing a wig.

It’s possible to cut, colour and style a real hair wig

Although this type of wig is available in thousands of styles and colour choices, an experienced consultant or hair advisor should also be able to cut, colour and style your wig according to your needs. In the first instance however, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before making your purchase.

Real hair wigs can offer added features and security

Due to the intricate nature of real hair wigs (and sometimes increased cost!), this type of wig can also offer additional benefits in terms of staying power. A good quality wig could be manufactured with silicone strips within the base for extra security; concealed clips and adjustable straps. If you are experiencing total hair loss, there is a wig manufacturer that offers a ‘vacuum’ wig – a pure silicone base that creates a vacuum between the head and the base so that it will not dislodge easily.