Best Way To Manage Your PDF Files: Split, Merge, Protect and Unprotect PDF Files

You must have seen PDF files or many of you have used this file format. PDF is a very popular and most preferred file format of all time. Most of the computer users have chosen and declared PDF the best file format. It offers multiple features to the users, which is the key reason behind its popularity and preference. True mobility and portability is one of the main features of this format. It can be easily shared or transferred over the network.

If you want to convert your documents to PDF, then it preserves all the visual elements of your documents after converting them to PDF format. It also offers a high level of data encryption and security feature. Data encryption is generally used for security purposes. To access the encrypted documents you must have the correct password or secret key that helps you decrypt them. Other than data encryption, it also enables users to apply different types of securities on the documents. The software program that is needed to read or view PDF documents is available as a freeware, named as Adobe Reader. But to create, edit and manage these documents, full version of Adobe Acrobat is mainly required. It is a commercialware offered by Adobe Systems.

All the features (mentioned above) offered by PDF make it the best file format. But where it offers various features, on the other hand it may create some difficulties as well. It has always been a very difficult and challenging task for PDF users to manage the files. There are different situations when you may face difficulties while managing these files.

  1. Large-sized PDF document: If you delete PDF protection online have a large-sized file, then you may face difficulty while opening it or sending it through email over the network. Whenever you try to open the file in Adobe Reader, the file will take a lot of time to be opened or sometimes the application will start hanging. For example: you have a large PDF document that contains more than thousands of pages. You want to read or view only a particular page that is, for example, page 875. The file is large therefore, it will undoubtedly take a lot of time to be opened. This must be very frustrating for you if you want to view the page in an urgent manner. But if you break this large-sized file into multiple parts, then it will become very easy to open it. Other than this if you want to share or send some information saved in some pages of a PDF file, for example: from page 78 to page 100. In such case you have to upload the complete file, which will take a lot of time. But if the file will be divided into multiple parts, then you can easily send only the required pages of the PDF file instead of sending the complete file.
  2. Unlimited PDF document: Another PDF managing issue may occur if you have multiple PDF files in your system. A large number of files are very difficult to store and to manage. Sometimes they may get misplaced from the original location or lost forever. For example: you have to send some PDF files (around 25) via email. The size of each file is 500 KB or 1 MB. In such case you have to upload the files one by one. This may a take little more time. But if those 25 files are merged into a single file, then you can upload it in one go. This will be very useful for the user(s) who will receive the file.
  3. Security of PDF document: This is one of the most important issues for PDF users. File security is very important and essential task that must be performed to secure the data and information saved in the file. A PDF file may contain highly confidential data therefore, its security is the main concern for users. If the file is not protected or secured, then any unauthorized user can access the information saved in the file. But if the file is protected or having different security parameters, then it will be difficult for any unauthorized user to access it.