Buyer Beware – Used Skid Steer Loaders For Sale

A skid steer loader is possibly one of the most useful pieces of industrial equipment in America. Its small size and versatility make it indispensable for use on the construction site, in a garden landscaping business or in the back yard. Those who use them swear by them and those whose neighbors have them are continually looking across the garden fence and considering how best to ask for a loan of this piece of equipment. Maybe it’s time you start looking for used skid steer loaders for sale.

Besides being undeniably fun to  skid steer auger  operate (think less about toys for boys than machines for men) these loaders claim to fame is just how much it can actually do. Aside from the usual configuration which sees a bucket loader in the front, there are a number of other configurations which enable the loader to accomplish other tasks. It can be fitted with a snow blower, a cement mixer or a bush cutter and that’s only the tip of the accessories iceberg. There are often used loaders for sale just because of the sheer number of them in operation, but a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for those manufactured by the experts in the field, like Caterpillar or Bobcat. These offer the best value for money and reliability. If you make the decision to buy a ‘cat’, as those units manufactured by Caterpillar are affectionately known, then you can rest assured that wherever there are used skid steer loaders for sale these are amongst the units of choice. In case you’re wondering why, it’s because Caterpillar has established a reputation for quality and reliability that’s amongst the best in the business.

These loaders are used in a variety of industrial applications where power and small size are required. The skid steer loader is able to offer so much because it can go where other, larger loaders are unable to operate. Where the larger units are constrained by height restrictions the smaller loaders can happily operate. Where space is at a premium these loaders are the solution. This is because not only is the skid steer unit four wheel drive but it can also turn on its own axis due to the fact that the wheels on either side operate independently of each other. When the operator wishes to turn he or she simply locks the wheels on one side of the machine and engages the wheels on the other side turning the machine in a bare minimum of space.

The use of skid steer loaders is widespread so there should be no problem in locating used skid steer loaders for sale, however always make sure that there is an after sales network in your area to service the particular brand that you are purchasing. If there’s not you risk having an asset sitting idle while service and spare parts are located. With the correct maintenance and access to spare parts your skid steer loader will offer you many years of faithful, reliable service.