EMF and Faraday Cages

Over the last several months my friend Wayne and I have had several discussions centered upon defeating the effects of EMF from a nuclear blast. As we all are aware these EMF signals are suppose to affect anything that has electronics in it from small radios to your automobile.

It really does not matter if you have your radio plugged into the electrical outlet it would still be “Zapped” by the EMF. The EMF from nuclear blasts travels through the air and would destroy many of the static sensitive devices which are in the radio circuit boards. The same is true of your car. Most of the modern automobiles have an assortment of electronic components in them from the ignition systems to the fuel system. Theory has it that none of these modern vehicles will work after a nuclear blast.

In the military when I was in the electronics field we would have a specific room where we would repair certain pieces of equipment. This room would prevent any signals from escaping as well as entering the immediate confines. We referred to the room as a “screen room” but in reality it was nothing more then a large faraday cage. For those who are not familiar with faraday cages they are metal enclosures which capture the EMF signals and route them to a ground connection rather then through the electronic components.

I figure that since we are concerned about specific pieces of equipment functioning after an EMF situation then perhaps we should also consider the possibility of using a faraday cage. We could use it to protect our lanterns and radios and any other electronic equipment which would fit within the confines of the designated space. Lanterns by there very nature may make it without the protection of the cage however the electronic equipment would require some sort of faraday cage in order to survive.radio strap

If you happen to be outside of the blast zone then you may not necessarily be affected by the EMF. Many of the current AM radios have what is known as a ferrite core which serves as their antenna. These cores would also pick up any of the induced EMF surges and route them into the electronic circuitry of the radios. These signals may very well be strong enough to actually blow the components in the radio itself even if it were not actually turned on.

Now here is one idea that I would like to present for consideration. Suppose that you take a metal can of some sort that is a bit larger then your radio that you wish to protect. On this can connect a bonded ground strap and secure that to a good earth ground. In this way the metal can should by all respects absorb the EMF signal and properly channel it to the ground connection in place of going through the radio. In theory this would be the same as having a copper cage created with wire mesh and having a ground strap connected to it.

The particular type of EMP which more then likely would be employed to damage America would likely be the HAEMP burst or the High Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse. The enemy could very well employ about 4 to 6 high altitude bursts in their efforts to produce enough EWMF to effect our equipment. This would be enough to deactivate most of our power grids as well as the large number of our communications systems which would include landline phones and cell phones.

Lastly, I would like to enlarge this idea to include a garage or steel building. Why could we not create a series of ground connections attached to a metal type building which is large enough to house a vehicle in it. This would perhaps afford enough protection to save our bug out vehicle for our needed departure should the time come. I look forward to hearing from those people who have their own opinions concerning my theories.