High Street Versus Online Shopping

With the massive increase in online shopping, does this mean the end of our High Streets? Internet retailers have benefitted from a huge surge in purchases from customers who prefer the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of their own homes, but there are still pros and cons to this way of buying.

There is no doubt that many of us now online sale in pakistan  prefer to use online shopping for groceries, banking, booking and researching holidays etc. but can this experience match that of visiting a bricks and mortar shop? Some people like to combine researching online, followed by a trip to the shops to take advantage of the expertise offered, and to be able to touch and feel the product. Others prefer to visit the High Street first and then search for the best deal.

The fact is that, although online retailers are enjoying huge popularity in this way of spending, most purchases are still made from actual shops. It seems we enjoy the whole experience of visiting a physical location, whether it be our local convenience store, the High Street or shopping mall. Studies show that many of us still like to “go shopping” and take part in other activities, particularly eating out, while enjoying our day at the shops. It’s not surprising then to know that the vast increase in the number of coffee shops and eateries in our towns goes hand in hand with this phenomenon.

Stores can offer us a sensory experience. We can try on the clothes, smell the perfume, test out the latest gadget, at the same time as being surrounded and seduced by the wares on offer. To be immersed in the whole “feel” of a brand can be very comforting and inclusive. Sales staff are trained to be very good at welcoming customers and offering advice, leading to sales. The actual monetary transaction followed by being given a pleasing carrier bag displaying our brand of choice is another appealing aspect of this process. It’s now even possible to use the High Street for choice and by use of a smart phone, quickly compare prices of the same item in various outlets.

For those of us who either dislike the High Street experience or haven’t got time for this activity, there’s a wealth of online shopping options, accessed from our lap top, tablet or phone. There are also plenty of comparison sites to help us make the best and most economical choice. It’s easy to see at a glance what’s available, in what sizes and colours, and make a swift, easy purchase. Many online retailers now offer a next day delivery service, even if you’re ordering the night before! There are many deals to be had, often only available online, and once registered with a company, loyalty offers and discounts are often given. Some retailers will even store your preferences and make you aware of new products you might be interested in.

And of course, online shopping is essential for those specialised, niche items that are not sold from the big, generic stores that dominate our High Streets: collectables, boutique collections, unusual items (and of course we have to add sun protective swimwear here, which is our speciality). There are new and interesting designers coming along through the recession who cannot get a foot in the door with the big stores and who cannot possibly afford to set up shop on their own. A boutique online shop is the obvious way to get these designers to the market and the more they sell and promote themselves, the higher they rank up the search engines and the easier they are to find by the hunters of the unusual and new.

ECommerce has redefined the way we looked at shopping. Though, a newly bred concept, the eCommerce industry is booming and is here to stay. Just a few years ago, who would have thought that shopping could be done online? Today, the internet is brimming with numerous online shopping portals offering the best eCommerce solutions to the masses.

Are you planning to expand your business? Go online in order to gain more clients! eCommerce is an ideal launchpad for your business. Online shopping portals play a very pivotal role in the eCommerce industry. It will not be wrong to say that without the right approach of an online shopping portal, your business is bound to remain stagnant with restricted reach. Hence, it becomes important for you to look for the best online shopping portals in order to give the right start to your business.

broaden your client list with round the clock accessibility to your online store. According to an independent survey it has been noted that more than 75% of the people surfing online are likely to indulge in online shopping. This figure comes alive when you look at the recent boom in the numbers of online shopping portals. Needless to say, this national boom has not only made our lives easier but also convenient. Businesses can now connect with the people on a personal note by engaging with them.

Cut to the present, It is not only hard but almost impossible to imagine life without the internet. The current age is highly touted as the internet age and thus we can say with confidence that there couldn’t have been a better time and place for eCommerce than now! Brands can now keep their business afloat and competitive on a much bigger and larger scale. Today, you can either launch your own web store or take the help of various online shopping portals to help establish your business, the choice and benefit is yours! The portals or web stores are basically categorized in 2 types:



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