Hunter Mountain in Catskills

Catskills is the region in the United States of America that preserves the natural habitat while being surrounded by the skyscrapers that herald the industrial development. It is a serene and peaceful area that has picturesque locales and beautiful eye-catching scenery. The Catskill region is spread over the six counties of Sullivan, Otsego, Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, and Ulster. This region is a favourite tourist destination and has a number of mountain peaks, waterfalls, streams, rivers, lakes and forests. The Hunter Mountain Catskills refer to the Hunter Mountain which is known as the highest mountain peak in the county of Greene and is also the second highest peak in the entire Catskill region. The mountain was originally referred to as Greenland Mountain but was subsequently renamed Hunter Mountain comes under the county of Greene and draws a large number of tourists each year.

Hunter Mountain has much to offer. There are many options for the adventure enthusiast. Hunter Mountain is the popular destination for people interested in hiking. As the mountain has a significant amount of forest area around it, many tourists come there for fly fishing, kayaking, etc. It is also well known as a skiing haven. The mountain hold special summer festivals and wine festivals. A unique feature of the mountain is that it has a tower on its summit for the purpose of looking out for forest fires. Such towers provide a good vantage point to look for any fires in the wilderness. From such heights, the fire can be detected from a great distance and safely contained in a short span of time, thereby preventing any widespread damage to the forest area.

The summit of the mountain also has a special skiing area that caters to the many skiing enthusiasts that throng to the mountain every year. Many zipline tours are held in Hunter Mountain. It helps the tourists to get a good aerial view as they traverse the span of the cable with the help of pulleys. Many tours that showcase the beautiful canopies in the dense forest area are also routinely held in the region.