Lights, Camera, Sell! 4 Reasons Why Video Marketing Works

In the world of online marketing, video has become a hot topic. There are several reasons for this. The advent of YouTube as a funnel for information is a big part of the story. Marketers are starting to realize that video has the potential to help them reach their target markets more effectively than many traditional marketing methods.

That being said, while online video has been around for a while, most businesses are still not utilizing this marketing tool. Many think it’s too hard to do, some believe that they lack the resources- both human and technical- to create quality marketing videos.

The good news is that videos can be created and submitted by businesses of every size and budget. If you want to step up your online marketing efforts, consider the following advantages to video marketing:

1. Videos are popular. It’s a fact: people like videos. YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world, with over 85 million viewers tuning in on a regular basis and over 160 million viewers in 2010. A well-done, optimized video has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers within hours. Not many marketing methods have that kind of power.

2. Videos hold attention. If your video is interesting and informative, it can hold visitors on your site for much longer than other kinds of content. It may also prompt them to action. A video that demonstrates your expertise will not only increase your credibility; it will also show consumers that you want to engage them in a format that’s friendly to them.

3. Videos rank. Optimized videos with good titles mirrorless camera for sale consistently rank high in the search engines. They are popular with consumers looking for information and are therefore more likely to be shared and passed around via all kinds of channels. Social media, social bookmarking sites, blogs and websites can all contain links to your videos.

4. Videos enhance your brand. Video offers visual appeal. People are looking to identify with you. With video marketing, you have the opportunity to put a name and a face to your company, show them who you are, what your logo looks like, etc.

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can reap big rewards for your business, and it doesn’t take a big investment of time or money to do it. Even better, if you jump in now, you can take advantage of new technologies that will make it even easier for potential customers to see your videos. If you want to improve your online presence, look into the possibilities offered by video marketing.

Beth Hrusch is an online author, SEO copywriter and senior editor at Interact Media, a  that leverages the power of high quality content to improve search engine visibility for its clients. To learn more about this and other SEO topics, visit the Interact Media