Online SEO Tool to Analyze Your Website

Learning search engine optimization can be difficult without some sort of SEO tool to help decipher in which direction your marketing efforts are headed. Though there are, in fact, many online SEO tools that can help with your internet marketing campaign, perhaps the most beneficial is an SEO tool that analyzes your entire website.

This type of tool, usually offered free of charge, acts in a similar way to search engine crawlers. It takes a look at all the elements on the web page that you input, reads and analyzes them, and gives you a measure of how successful or ineffective your SEO efforts are compared with current search engine algorithms.

Even though Google and other search engines don’t reveal their entire algorithms with which websites and pages are ranks–which means that no tool can be 100% accurate–the analyzer SEO tool uses industry standards in what has been deemed important to the internet marketing field.

Analyzing your Meta Tags

A few of the important elements of your site are your HTML Meta tags, including title, description, and keywords tags. These are words and phrases found in the HTML portion of your site, which are inserted as a result of your internet marketing campaign, that are relevant to what your entire site is about.

The online analyzer SEO tool reviews these Meta tags to determine both their length and relevancy. Using internet marketing knowledge about how to structure these parts of your website, the SEO tool gives you an approximation of how successful your Meta tags are for Google and other search engines.

Analyzing Links and URLs

Another way in which your site is analyzed by SEO tools is through the links and URL anchor text found within your website. Keywords found in the anchor text are becoming increasingly important as search engine food, perhaps because of the relevancy attached to the keywords in contrast to your website.

In addition, the keywords found throughout your entire site–not just in URL anchor text–also matter as search engines such as Google use these to help identify the relevancy of your site’s content. These are issues which are both analyzed by the SEO tool.

Showing your Website in Search group buy seo

To give you a good idea of how your site is ranking in Google, the online SEO tools give you a general idea of how your website will appear when a searcher types in terms or keywords which your site ranks for. The tool crawls your site and pieces together the descriptions and titles from Meta tags and other content to show you how your site will be found.

Of course, the simulated search engine result may not be accurate because some search engines may not use the description tag of your site and external sources, such as information taken from the Open Directory Project, may be used instead. However, this can give you a good idea of whether search users will find your site to make sense before even clicking through to it.

All things considered, the site analyzer SEO tool gives you a good grasp on the types of information found within your website that search engine crawlers use. By taking a look at this information–including Meta tags and website keywords–you’ll have a better understanding of how to improve and work your search engine optimization efforts.