Planning an Online Craps Strategy That Works For You

Planning a good online Craps strategy can depend on your understanding of odds, the types of bets you can place when playing online Craps and a combination of the two. Here are just a couple of suggestions about the betting part of your online Craps strategy.

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The Number Two

The number 2 as a score in Craps can only be obtained if both dice land with a score of 1. As there are 36 possible combinations of numbers from two dice with six sides, the odds of scoring the number 2 are one in thirty six or 35:1. The payout on a number 2 can be as high as 30:1, but as you can see this is still five points below the possible payout you could get, and this is because the house is hedging its bets by keeping the five point difference for those odd occasions when a player actually wins with the number 2. Because of the lowered odds and payout, betting on this number should be reserved for “don’t pass line” bets after the come through has been completed. 바카라사이트

The Number Three

In online Craps strategy the three is very similar to the number two as it can only be made by two possible throw results and for that reason the house increases its percentage on the payout – 17 to one down to 15 to one. Many experts in online Craps strategy suggest that this number be avoided except in ‘don’t pass line” bets as noted above.

Pass Line Bets

Pass line bets are extremely popular both in traditional and online casinos because the house advantage for these bets is quite low (calculated to be 1.4% for online Crap games). The bet is placed by a non shooter either when the shooter rolls the dice for the first time, or after he shoots a natural, or after he has made a point and is trying for the next point. You can win if the shooter rolls a seven or eleven on the first throw, but you lose if the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve on the first roll.

The Come Bet

In online Craps strategy the come bet is place after the point has been established by the shooter and it is the same as a pass line bet (see above). If the first throw of the dice after the come bet is placed is a two, three or twelve, you will lose your bet. But if the seven or the eleven comes up on that throw then you win. If the shooter throws a point number then you will not win unless the shooter rolls the same number again before he throws a seven.

There are some bets that online Craps strategists suggest that you should avoid because not only are the odds of winning on them pretty small, but also the house advantage on these bets is quite big. These bets include the Big 6 Bet and the Big 8 Bets as well as those bets that are found in the middle of an online craps boards. If you are in any doubt at all about playing these angles stick to the Pass Line and Come bets mentioned above.

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