Rammed Earth Homes Reduce Carbon Footprint

There are changes to the government regulations

We should all be proud of reducing our carbon footprint and creating homes that use less energy, as well as homes that do not destroy limited natural resources. Rammed earth construction advocates fear that government regulations such as the 6-star rating could drive some environmentally focused projects off the drawing boards this year.

This rating system is designed to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the heating and cooling required in a home. Critics call the new rating system biased and claim it is based upon modelling data that doesn’t accurately reflect homeowners’ lifestyles.


Even the most casual observer can see that rammed earth builders have a lower carbon footprint than modern building materials. The new rating system allows new reducing carbon footprint benefits housing to be built using conventional construction materials. These materials are extremely energy-intensive to make.

A rammed earth wall, or mud brick structure, is an excellent example. The typical mud brick wall is 25 cm thick. This means that insulation does not have to be added. This is a low score according to the government’s energy rating guidelines. This is absurd for the average person.

Education Is Key To Understanding

Rammed earth home builders are hard at work to inform government decision-makers. Leaders in the green building industry point out earth builders’ lifestyle. This segment of society strives to reduce their carbon footprint every day.

Some indications have been made by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency that the energy rating system might need to be re-examined and modified. Scientists and industry professionals have pressed for this admission. Master Builders Australia and the Housing Industry Association have both called for a review of the rating system, which they feel has a fundamental flaw.

This is a significant development as many people believe that the system has not brought any real benefits. One University energy expert believes that the rules have increased the cost of building new homes by more than 100,000 per year.

Rammed earth builders have teamed up with energy-conscious people to create amazing, efficient homes.