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The Britax B-Dual – A Review

The Britax B-Dual is one of the newest tandem buggies on the market and designed by a brand responsible for some of the best performing infant carriers on the market they’ve got a lot to live up to with their first double buggy.

From initial appearances, the B-Dual is impressive. The chassis has a slimline design and looks ultra-modern and stylish. It has a t-shaped chassis, with an adjustable handlebar and the main seat has a high positioning, so you can stay in close contact with your little one and they get a good view of the world going by. On a practical note there’s a very generous and easily accessible shopping basket underneath the pushchair seat.

The Britax double has a modular design so you get flexible travelling options – you can choose from the pushchair mode, with multiple seat reclines, right down to completely flat; pram mode, or travel system – simply by attaching either a car seat or carrycot unit to the chassis. Both the infant carrier and carrycot unit are very good quality; designed to high safety standards and thoughtfully created to offer a cosy and comfortable journey for baby. Their sleek and stylish design is also well matched to the styling of the pushchair.

However, the biggest negative about the B-Dual, like many dual mode bluetooth module  other tandem pushchairs, is that the pram and travel system modes can only be used with one infant on board. The second seat unit can only be attached when the pram is in pushchair mode. So if you intend to use the buggy for a toddler and baby, you will only be able to use the rear seat for your infant.

As you’d expect from a quality stroller, the B-Dual has strong suspension, lockable swivel wheels and an adjustable calf support, so you get a comfortable and bump-free ride and a nice little feature is the puncture resistant tyres, giving you the benefits of pneumatic wheels, without the hassle of dealing with punctures.

The  is very similar to the ever popular Phil and Teds inline pushchair design, except perhaps a little more modern and stylish. The inline, tandem design, where the second seat can be detached is really flexible and, crucially, purse-friendly – perfect if you have a new baby and an older toddler, who’ll soon be walking. When you’re toddler’s ready to walk full time you can just take off the rear seat and use the buggy as a single. All in all you can’t doubt that the B-Dual is a great investment; a well designed versatile and flexible tandem that could quite possibly be the only double buggy, or even single pushchair, you ever need!


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