Today’s Plumbing Services Offer Everything From Home Water Filtration Systems to Pipe Inspection

If you asked ten people to describe what a plumbing service does, you’d probably get close to ten different answers. A young couple that just moved into a brand-new townhouse, for example, would give a drastically different answer than a construction contractor who deals with plumbers on a daily basis. Other demographics would also come into play, such as age, education, and geographic location. Although you can still depend on plumbing services to provide the standard options, such as fixing leaking pipes, clearing out clogged drains, and providing toilet repair, many progressive plumbing contractors are diversifying and branching out to Seattle Plumbing meet consumer expectations and needs. Three of the major factors behind these changes are technology, competition, and health concerns.


As technology becomes more sophisticated, plumbers who want to keep pace with the times are improving their services by using advanced techniques and equipment. For example, if you want to find a plumbing service that offers video pipe inspection, a quick search on the Internet should lead you to the professional you are looking for. Twenty years ago, it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, to find plumbing companies that used devices such as sewer cameras. But today, high-tech tools offer faster diagnostics, less-invasive service, and improved results.

Competitive Factors

Today’s consumer expects a lot more from residential plumbers than bathtub faucet repair and water heater installation. In order to compete with other local plumbing services, plumbing contractors need to stay current with the latest market trends. In addition to standard services such as pipe repair, clogged drains, and toilet repair, more and more local plumbing companies are offering services ranging from trenchless sewer repair to installing reverse osmosis water filtration systems. This means that you, the consumer, reap the benefits of lower prices and broader service offerings.

Consumer Health Awareness

Health-conscious consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the potentially harmful toxins and contaminants that are present in unfiltered tap water. The installation
of home water filtration systems, a service that some plumbing companies now provide, can help reduce the risk of several kinds of cancer and gastrointestinal ailments. More and more parents are recognizing the benefits that filtered water has on the developing immune systems of children. A house water filtration system or other water treatment services can help reduce or eliminate contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial runoff, and bacteria. With more clients searching for these services, more residential plumbers are stepping up to meet their needs.

Choosing a Plumber to Fit Your Needs

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a dependable in your area, but the ones who are well versed in the latest techniques and trends can often provide superior service over those who just know the basics.