Video Conference Unit

A video conference unit may be a piece of hardware of an entire video conferencing station set up and ready to participate in a video conference online. Here we will engage in the many video conference units available in the market for you to add to your video conference unite at the office. You may have a video conference unit set up at your end but it takes an entire organization to make that video conference unit work. Like the Cisco IPVC- this is a part of the Cisco IP Communications system and is a complete portfolio of IP video Multipoint Control Units and ISDN gateways for traditional video conferencing networks, and Cisco Video Telephony solutions. Cisco Video Telephony integrates video into Cisco CallManager to enable desktop video communications-making video as easy to use and administer as a telephone. Cisco MeetingPlace enables rich-media conferencing to make remote meetings as natural as face-to-face meetings of any video conference unit.

The Cisco IPVC 3500 series MCUs, part of Cisco’s complete IP videoconferencing solution, enables multi-party video conference units to partake using traditional video conferencing networks, ad-hoc conferencing for Cisco Video Telephony, and also enables scheduled video conferences without any restrictions for Cisco MeetingPlace. Many video conference units manufactured by the 智能會議室 leaders in the industry seamlessly integrates voice, video, and Web conferencing capabilities to make remote meetings as natural and effective as face-to-face meetings for unmatched productivity gains. For easy setup and attendance of integrated voice, video, and Web conferences, Tandberg video conference units offer a Web browser interface and the most advanced integrations with the Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes environments. Meeting coordinators simply schedule the meeting and the Tandberg video conference unit does the rest at the flick of a button. Sometimes large businesses require the services of an entire video conference unit such as the Cisco MeetingPlace to handle pre-conference formalities and technical difficulties. These video conference units make all the requirements such as setting up the conference calls, inviting the participants and ensuring the equipment works better than expected. Then there are video conference units for smaller businesses that just require a simple PC and web cam along with a microphone and a number of people just log onto an online vide conference unit such as Yahoo, messenger or AOL that offer free video conferencing online. In addition to the hardware for the PC they will also need to have a high speed internet connection such as broadband to accommodate the compressing of video packets and transmitting them over the network.

Unlike these large video conference units the online video conference is mostly used by students and daily net meeting participants. No doubt there is no need for high resolution images and very good quality sound, but even these lesser known online video conference units are useful for small businesses that have used these and unite frequently to make faster decisions by conferring with their counterparts online over miles instead of spending valuable time and money traveling the distance.


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