Shannongarson casino What Meaning Hypocrisy! — Pornography is Ok, But not Online Playing

What Meaning Hypocrisy! — Pornography is Ok, But not Online Playing

The porn industry all over the world has been growing at an alarmingly high rate. This is so because people who watch pornography once get dependent on it and then to get rid is very difficult. Most people say that they watch porn to help improve their sex life. JOKER123 This is not true, pornography corrupts your brain. What type of a woman or man can improve their sex life by watching adults molest and have sex with small kids and young girls?

Just as a lot of people talk about online playing as a big sin. The porn viewed over the net by millions is accepted whereas online playing is not. This is outright meaning hypocrisy.

So the facts that people think is wrong with online playing?

1. People gamble online for fun and for the money. People spend a whole lot of money watching porn and what do they get from it, some say fun. But what folks get most of all from watching porn is only a perverted mind.

2. Playing online gives you the chance to win a whole lot of money. If you are lucky and get the jackpot then you may be possible millions richer. Watching porn online generates no cash whatsoever. It only pushes you and tendencies you to watch more and more porn. Watching porn is not without any an expense. You will have to either pay the site to view their videos or you will have to download the video which takes a whole lot of time and of course the expense involving larger and larger computer drives to contain your downloads available.

3. Online playing is something you can do from anywhere. You can sit with your laptop in a garden and play your favorite game of poker or video poker machines. All you need is to direct your attention; you don’t need any privacy for this. You can always approach a cyber café and play your online playing games. This is not so with pornography. Pornography cannot be viewed anywhere you want. You’ll want an area or place your location not upset and there should be no kids around you no matter what.

4. Friends and family can always sit with you and watch you gamble online. They can play games with you or take on you. It is something which can be enjoyed by one and all. Pornography cannot be viewed in front of your family members. You can attempt watching it with your friends but that too depends on the kind of friends you have.

5. Online playing games like Blackjack etc need you to concentrate, think, strategize and then play. In other words these games are good for the human brain as it gives it a lot of work. Pornography when viewed in small doses can cause you to day dream and just keep considering it. It is a big addiction and you’ll be required to think about sex all day long and that is bad for your brain or body. Constant thoughts of sex could possibly make you make a mistake or take you on the wrong path.

6. Of course playing can be an addiction too and you can lose lots of wages. But when you gamble online, the option of you playing or quitting is entirely yours. There is nobody like your opponents or friends tempting you to play even if you are on a losing skills.

Just forget about watching porn and just start online playing for real fun.

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